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Online Courses for Connecticut High School Students
November 16, 2018 11:36 PM

What to Expect in an Online Course

In order to get started, a student will meet with a local counselor to identify the appropriate online course, a schedule to do the work, and computer access. The student and counselor will also review and agree to follow the Weekly Activities required of them in order to successfully complete an online course.

A student will be assigned a local Mentor who will be aware that the student is taking an online course and will, if the school deems appropriate, work with him or her to help with the time management and logistical issues of that the online course including arranging for course materials as are needed with the CT Virtual Learning staff. The student should be contacted by the Mentor and will arrange for a mutually convenient time, format (phone, email or face to face) and schedule for regular contact as is needed.

Many online students need local mentors to assist them, and when they do, it is suggested that students be in contact with their Mentor at least once every other week. This is a time to review the student's progress and work schedule and discuss/initiate strategies for effectiveness. The Mentor will also answer logistical questions, arrange for a tutor if the school has such services, or assist with appropriate learning resources as is necessary and provide encouragement.

In their initial meeting, the Student and Mentor should visit the course calendar and the syllabus to establish a workable schedule for completion of the course requirements.

Students must log into the course and follow the course lessons and complete course assignments every week, for the duration that the course is offered.

Students will keep up with the course by:

  • Contacting your online teacher via the course "Messages" system to let him/her know you are beginning the course.  (Identify yourself by name in all correspondence and homework)
  • Logging into the course and checking for announcements at least every other day. (If Tuesdays and Thursdays, a day in the weekend is also recommended).
  • Checking for Teacher Messages at least every other day. (If Tuesdays and Thursdays, a day in the weekend is also recommended).
  • Replying to course "Messages" and the teacher's discussion questions promptly - making sure to include your electronic signature with each communication.
  • Completing assignments that your teachers posts to the course on time every week.
  • Asking your teacher questions when you are unsure about an assignment via the "Messages" system or call your teacher if the phone number is listed on the course.
  • Attending your local computer lab 2-3 times per week to work on your course.
  • Contacting your Mentor immediately if you have any technical questions about where or how to submit your online assignments or how to save your work in electronic files.
  • Creating a backup plan for access to a computer if yours fails.
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