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Online Courses for Connecticut High School Students
November 16, 2018 11:35 PM

Reasons to Take an Online Course

When is it in the best interest of a student to take a course from CT Virtual Learning, in addition to taking courses at their local high school?

  • Resolve scheduling conflicts at school or meet the needs of different schedule configurations.
  • Allow student flexibility in use of time to meet other school / family / work commitments.
  • CT Virtual Learning may offer courses not available at the student's home school.
  • Student needs to make up a credit.
  • Online may be a better-suited learning environment.
  • Student desires the experience of taking a distance education course.
  • Provides opportunity for student to complete course(s) at an accelerated pace.
  • Provides extended time to complete coursework for those students that need additional time.
  • To meet the needs of a transferring student.
  • Students who have medical conditions that may not allow them to be present for a full day.
  • Prepare for the 21st century global workforce.
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